Truck Driver – Smoky Santa Maria Seasoning


Smoky, Salty, Garlicky, Herby, Delicious. Perfect for Steaks, Chicken, Salmon, pop-corn, scrambled eggs, and at this point, you get the gist, everything. Cold smoked for 18 hours.

INGREDIENTS: Smoked Himalayan Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Parsely, Cumin, Cayenne, Natural Wood Smoke

if a californian knew how to season their meats, you’d get this spice rub. super heavy on smoked garlic + salt, a nice blend of coarse black pepper, parsley, and a little heat. perfect on anything and everything.


Ingredients: Smoked Salt, Garlic Powder, Parsley, Black Pepper, Cumin, Cayenne

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4oz., 8oz.


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