Since 2021

Our Story

There’s really not to much to tell you about why we’re doing what we’re doing. We do it because we love hot and spicy food and want a lineup of sauces that can literally be thrown onto any dish, drink, or snack you can possibly think of.

We’ve taken the time to treat every ingredient in our sauces or spice rubs with the love and care that each one deserves. From hand juicing our own limes and oranges, to slow smoking the peppers and spices that we source from local farms, and even our own gardens, right here in the dallas area.

we’re not looking to become the biggest sauce company in the world because we want to ensure the same quality goes into each and every bottle we’re packaging. We take the time cause we care and want to produce some of the most flavorful hot sauces. truly small batch, craft, delicious sauces and spices.

We can’t get enough of our lineup of products and know that each one will bring a smile to your face, sweat to your brow, and light your mouth on fire because they’re fXCKING HOT!!!!

– Fxcking Hot Sauces



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